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Statement Questions:

Received your credit card statement? See a charge with a website you don't recall joining? Your credit card was directly used to purchase a membership to a subscription-based website. The business name listed on your credit card statement may not be the same as the name of the website that was joined, so give us a call for an explanation.

Our amazingly dedicated customer service staff are standing by to discuss your concerns. They will also process any refunds or membership cancellations you request, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are here to resolve your inquiries in an instant.

Denying a Charge / Chargebacks:

We are available to process any, and all requests immediately. With our expedited service, there is no need to contact your bank to charge-back any transaction. Our services are accessible through email, voice, or chat - whatever your preference, we will address your billing, membership, refund, or cancellation concerns.

If you do choose to charge back any transaction, please understand it is our policy to prohibit those who do so from ever joining any of the sites we manage in the future. To fully understand your options, contact us directly.


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